Thursday, September 1, 2016

Album Review: Don't Hate

Artist: Big Cynthia
Title: Don't Hate
Label: Hearon Records
Year: 2008
Genre: Soul, Funk, R&B
Condition: CD case/insert very good, disc very good (no skips)

Compact disc found in Central Avenue Value Village Thrift Store in Charlotte, NC. Big Cynthia's laying down all the rules here. Don't worry about what she's doing because she handling her business just fine. Men - be careful. Women - be extra careful.

This is music for treacherous late night galavanting. Cruise down to your favorite after hours club with this as your soundtrack. Things are going to get steamy, things are going to get wild, and Big Cynthia is going to see that you are thoroughly entertained. Turn your back for a minute and the mood will change from innocent and fun to perfidious and tense. There is defiance in the air, with occasional sniffs of regret. Dangerous temptations around every corner. Maybe things would have been better if we just stayed at home? Who is that woman in the corner watching us? She's... laughing and... licking her lips... and... pointing at... YOU!

Best tracks are "I Came to Party" and "Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home".

CD Track Listing - Big Cynthia Gonna Break it Up, I Came to Party, I Didn't Lie - I Just Didn't Tell All, Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home, I'll Be Your Peaches and You Be My Cream, I'm A Lonely Woman, I'm Gonna Do Me Before I Do You, It Don't Hurt Me Like it Used To, You Keep Your Nose Out of My Business

*UPDATE December 2018 - Big Cynthia passed away on January 3, 2017.

The daughter of R&B pioneer Junior Walker, Houston native Cynthia was the quintessential "big woman" of southern soul, renowned for her girth and her many songs extolling the pleasures of being "big"

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