Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lighthouse Confusion

This is the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. 

It's been in roughly the same spot on the Outer Banks of North Carolina since 1870. You can drive to it with no hassle and climb the 257 steps up to the top for a fee. You can even climb it on nights when there's a full moon.

This is the New Cape Henry Lighthouse.

It's been in exactly the same spot since 1881 in Virginia Beach. Upon entering the Army base on which it stands erect, you will be made to present valid identification and exit your vehicle so it can be thoroughly searched.

You can climb the stubby brick lighthouse located nearby, but you can't climb the black and white one. You can try, but you will be yelled at by a member of the military.

The two lighthouses are over 150 miles away from each other and it would take you over 3 hours to drive from one to another. With typical weekend traffic, that would stretch into 16 hours. A speed boat might make it in 2 and a private jet could probably do it in less than 1.

Regardless of how far apart, they are two different lighthouses. Could someone please notify the head souvenir designer at Sunsations

Here is a very simple graphic explaining the difference. Feel free to print it out and carry it around in your pocket.