Saturday, November 6, 2021


UPDATE: As of March 2023, Jme Ggg's youtube channel is no more. Go to Internet Archive instead - Stiflesun

Listen to What we ‘blim’ and what we’re opposed to and OHAOMID & ircucird'ld lues.

Voice dwellings, string scrape, clock fall, deep slime, wide egg birth slices of sound in concise public video waveform.

Listen to nvy Premieinserted c/take or Vani (takesufficient).

Go to Jme Ggg's youtube channel. There is stuff from today and stuff from several years ago. They exist now, but might not exist for long. When there is nothing there, refer to Discogg's Stiflesun
and a Stiflesun in the Archive of The Internet or the Stiflesun (1,756 Scrobbles as of November 2021).

Have you heard th sleepin' Pantycope or th cibrual Samwich (peoples is Oblivious)?

Which one is the best? It is either agmograpfi TonePil sses what • ub EYE or PLACATOR. Listen to both now at the same time or years apart.