Saturday, April 5, 2014

Album Review: Don Telling's Island Mysteries

Artist: Don Telling's Island Mysteries
Title: untitled/self-titled
Label: none
Year: unknown
Genre: Tropical, World, Exotica, Sound Effects
Condition: slight wear, some surface noise

Album found at the DAV Thrift Store on Virginia Beach Blvd. Not much information online about this album or group. Check out their website here, but there isn't really much information and it hasn't been updated since 2012. You can listen to the album on youtube here.

No band members or recording studio listed. Called phone number listed on back (949) 416-3943 and left message. Haven't heard back yet.

Instrumentation isn't typical for similar "Exotica" records.  Oboe, harmonica, slide guitar, bass, ukulele, church organ, maracas, woodblocks, and bells. No vocals. Crisp production. Sounds like it was recorded live. Oboe player sounds like he/she hasn't been playing very long. I think the ukulele player breaks a string during a long, free-form solo in "Blue Hawaii"! Aside from the loud gunfire and explosion sound effects during the "James Bond Medley", the album is very relaxing and great for chilling out on the beach or your patio or wherever.

Side One - gentle waves and seagulls sound effects, "Bali Ha'i", "Theme from A Summer Place", "Pipeline", "Hawaiian Wedding Song", "James Bond Medley", jungle birds and gentle rain sound effects.

Side Two - rocket blast off sound, "Blue Hawaii", "Poinciana", "Maple Leaf Rag", "Golden Earrings", "On Broadway", city traffic sound effect.

Most of the songs are familiar covers, but there is no songwriter or song publisher information.