Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Album Review: Calliope Haystacks

Artist: Calliope Haystacks
Title: Calliope Haystacks
Label: none
Year: none
Genre: unknown
Condition: sleeve good, some surface noise

7" record in white paper sleeve found at Prime Thrift in Alexandria, Virginia. It was in the shoe section.

The songs are mostly short instrumental pieces with a country and western vibe. One song has a deep voiced man singing about "Calliope Haystacks", but I'm not sure who or what "Calliope Haystacks" is or was. I asked the cashier and she looked at the little character drawn on the white paper record sleeve and she said "Looks like a little robot or something." So, that's what I'm going with. "Calliope Haystacks" is a little robot or something.

Side One - The Calliope Haystacks song, some weird instrumental songs

Side Two - more weird instrumental songs

I will keep searching for more information about this record and I will occasionally think about my interaction with the cashier at Prime Thrift in Alexandria, VA.